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Week 4 Readings June 4, 2009

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I found the materials discussed in chapter 5 more interesting than the other chapters.

In chapter 5, Kolko discusses five different categories of design. He discusses about biomimicry, anthropomorphism, industrialization style, and minimalism. One may argue that one design is better than the other, but that is not correct. I think that certain design would fit best in certain situation, but not in every situations. For example, I personally like the idea of minimalism when it comes to designing my house, but when it comes to designing my electrical devices I prefer industrialization.  Kolko then talks about the brand power of Nike and Starbucks. Couple of sentences I noticed worth mentioning are: 

Starbucks Corporation is not selling coffee, as much as they are selling an experience.

Sure, Apple wants to sell products, but their first priority is to make you want the products.

Both claims make sense to me. Kolko wrote that the Starbucks in Oregon would give similar feelings to that in NYC. In addition, Starbucks in South Korea also gives the similar feeling of being at “home away from home” I like this concept, because that is what led Starbucks to great success and also differentiated from other cafes.



1. seanryanconnolly - June 9, 2009

In Chan,

Good thoughts, but it’s a little surface layer. How can we get deeper into this idea you related to the text: minimalism in design of your house but industrial in design of your electronic devices. Why? Kolko’s certainly saying that choices affect the outcome of experience, but go into how you craft experience from the specific choices you have already made in some concrete designs.

Also, make sure to cover the whole of the readings, and not just focus on one part only.

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